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Everclear Marketing translates complex technology into enterprise value so venture-backed companies grow faster.

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Everclear delivers high-focus, high-impact sales, marketing and branding strategies to position tech companies for accelerated growth or successful exits.

Era Corporation

Everclear led a global re-branding effort aligned with an aggressive M&A growth strategy and launched disruptive product and industry campaigns to displace legacy, incumbent technology.

Era Beyond Radar
$1M to $45M
in 2 years


  • Attained Clear Leadership Position in Target Markets
  • Global Campaigns Delivered $100's of Million in New Sales Pipeline
  • Acquired by SRA

"Everclear has delivered uniformly excellent results for four of my portfolio companies, adding real market value and creating significant pipeline opportunities."

Jonathan Perl,
General Partner, Boulder Ventures
Investor & Board Member, Era Corporation


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Metron Aviation

Everclear re-positioned a predictive analytics software provider and services company to prime major Federal contract opportunities and launched commercial software product brand to capture global markets.

Metron Aviation
$17M to $43M
in 2 years


  • Awarded Largest Small Business Contract in FAA History (>$1B)
  • Closed Major Commercial Deals in India, South Africa and Australia
  • Acquired by Airbus

"Everclear is much more than a marketing agency, but a strategic partner that has proven to be among our best investments for several of my most successful companies."

David A. Ellison,
Former CEO, Metron Aviation
Chairman, Board of Directors, TerraGo


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RedCloud Security

Everclear re-positioned a physical access control startup, establishing a revolutionary new company brand to address market opportunity and aligned its messaging with the advantages of cloud- and web-based technology.

RedCloud Security
100% CAGR
since 2010


  • Achieved Clear Leadership Position in Fastest Growing Market Segment
  • Delivered Record Revenue Growth, More than Doubling Sales for 3 Consecutive Years
  • Acquired by Avigilon

"Everclear enabled us to grow at a very rapid pace, building an engine of lead generation and ongoing momentum that enhanced the exit value of our recent acquisition."

David Basil,
Former CEO, RedCloud Security


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