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Breakthrough Branding™ for B2B Tech Companies

Everclear is the B2B branding agency with 20+ years of expertise helping B2B tech companies re-name, re-brand & re-position to accelerate growth and achieve successful exits.

Everclear B2B Branding Agency

20+ Years of B2B Branding Expertise

Since 2001, our B2B marketing and branding efforts for early-stage, venture-backed technology companies have successfully revitalized brands, captivated industries and transcended competitors.

Everclear B2B Branding Agency for Metron Aviation

Revitalize your Brand

Many first-time founders think branding is just logos, colors & taglines. But serial entrepreneurs know there's more below the surface. Everclear specializes in Breakthrough Branding™ for B2B tech companies, built upon a deep foundation of positioning & messaging. Our proven process has helped transform $5 million niche players into $50+ million market leaders.

Transcend your Competitors

Too many early-stage tech companies look and sound the same. Their marketing and websites are interchangeable with competitors. Everclear excels at distilling your brand's differentiators, value proposition and product benefits into a visually-compelling brand strategy to build industry momentum and achieve competitive advantage.

Everclear B2B Branding Agency for HomeTown
Everclear B2B Branding Agency for Era

Captivate your Industry

Legacy tech incumbents aren't known for innovation. They buy innovative B2B tech companies with consecutive quarterly growth in emerging markets to acquire new revenue streams. Everclear has a proven track record of helping B2B tech companies command market attention, accelerate growth and achieve successful exits.

B2B Branding Services

So How Does this Work?

Build a breakthrough technology brand in 90-120 days to reduce barriers to product adoption and accelerate revenue growth.


Brand Strategy

Build a Breakthrough Branding™ strategy to eclipse competitors & lead industries.



Generate new company names for strategic objectives & trademark availability. 



Design new logotype & iconography to trademark new corporate logo.



Develop new corporate tagline options to concisely articulate your brand promise.


Brand Identity

Create brand identity materials, typography treatments & business cards.


Brand Imagery

Curate, design & create custom brand imagery, icons, illustrations & stock photos.


Color Palette

Ensure a consistent color palette across print & web for Pantone, CMYK, RGB & HEX. 


Brand Style Guide

Define brand standards to enforce consistency across internal & external use cases.

B2B Branding Results

Who We've Worked With

Hear what B2B technology companies have to say about working with Everclear:

Everclear B2B Branding Agency for Lumifi

“We needed to re-name, re-brand and go-to-market for a time-sensitive M&A transaction. Everclear nailed the look and feel of our new brand, website & sales materials."


Michael Malone
CEO, Lumifi

Everclear B2B Branding Agency for HighGear

"Everclear re-named, re-positioned and transformed our growing SaaS company into a new world-class brand. Worth every penny & returned much more than we invested."


Vaughn Thurman
CEO, HighGear

Everclear B2B Branding Agency for RedCloud

"Everclear operates as a finely-tuned machine, enabling our company to re-name, re-brand and re-launch our entire business in 90 days, accomplished on time & within budget"


Kevin Wine
VP of Marketing, RedCloud

B2B Branding Engagement

B2B Branding Agency

Build a Breakthrough
Technology Brand in 90-120 Days

Everclear has 20+ years of expertise helping B2B technology companies re-name, re-brand and re-position to revitalize their company, transcend their competitors and captivate the attention of their industry.

Contact us today to address these common branding challenges:

  • You're completing an M&A transaction & need to re-brand the new company
  • You've raised capital and are ready to invest in marketing to grow & scale
  • Your company is launching a new product or expanding into a new market
  • Your business has stalled and you need a kickstart to beat new competitors
  • Your brand is outdated & inconsistent after years of bootstrapping
  • Your brand lacks consistency across print, web, social & video channels

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