Positioning Consultant

Positioning for B2B Tech Companies

Everclear has 20+ years of expertise as a positioning consultant for B2B tech companies to differentiate from competitors and resonate with customers. Our team excels at simplifying complex value propositions to tell a better story to the market that converts more prospects into customers.


Sharpen your Positioning

Many B2B tech companies think they have a lead generation issue when it's really an underlying positioning & messaging issue.


Fix your Marketing Foundation

Positioning and messaging are the foundation of your marketing. They serve as a force multiplier for all of your sales and marketing efforts. Before pouring more money into lead gen campaigns with limited conversions, tech companies turn to Everclear to improve the impact of their positioning and messaging. This increases the effectiveness of every marketing investment to follow, so that 2+2 equals something far greater than 4.

Follow the Right Roadmap

Tech companies often think they are starting in one place. But when we talk to their customers, we find they are actually starting in a different location. And like any GPS map, it takes a different set of turn-by-turn directions to get where they want to go. Everclear helps B2B tech companies put a new positioning and marketing strategy in place to reach their intended destination.


Reach your Ideal Customers

Many tech companies communicate three-to-five key messages about their product. But customers might only care about one. Everclear helps organizations find the positioning "sweet spot," where your company's strengths, competitors' weaknesses and customers' priorities align. This process helps your messaging resonate with more prospects, generate more qualified leads and convert more opportunities into customers. 

Positioning Process

So How Does this Work?

Sharpen your positioning & messaging in 30-60 days to increase conversions & improve lead gen performance.


Branding & Marketing Audit

Evaluate existing marketing materials to discover sales and marketing gaps.


Customer & Stakeholder Interviews

Uncover customer challenges, align your solutions and streamline your story.


Competitive Market Analysis

Research categories & competitors to identify available market positions.


Positioning Workshop

Present research findings to executives and moderate workshop exercises.


Positioning Strategy

Define a clear market position that sets your company apart from competitors.


Messaging Platform

Create messaging that resonates with ideal customers & buyer personas.


Ideal Customer Profiles

Select ideal customer and target account criteria for sales & marketing.


Marketing Playbook

Develop go-to-market strategy to achieve sales & marketing objectives.

Positioning Results

Who We've Worked With

Hear what B2B technology companies have to say about working with Everclear.


"Everclear understands the foundational importance of positioning & messaging ... & delivered a new world-class brand. Worth every penny & returned more than we invested."


Vaughn Thurman
CEO, HighGear


“We needed to re-name, re-brand and go-to-market for a time-sensitive M&A transaction. Everclear nailed the look and feel of our new brand, website and sales materials."


Michael Malone
CEO, Lumifi


“Everclear helped us define a clear market position, differentiate from competitors and develop messaging that resonates with customers prior to raising our Series C.”


Corinna Krueger
VP of Marketing, ShiftLeft

Positioning Engagement

Positioning Consultant

Fix your Positioning
& Messaging in
30-60 Days

Everclear has 20+ years of expertise serving as a positioning consultant to help early-stage technology companies fix the foundational positioning and messaging issues that prevent their sales and marketing efforts from working more effectively.

Contact us today to fix these common positioning and messaging challenges:

  • You're not sure if your product is competing in the right category
  • Everyone tells a different story and needs to get on the same page
  • Your value proposition isn't differentiated from competitors
  • Your messaging doesn't resonate with customers and prospects
  • Sales has trouble explaining what you do & why it matters
  • Deals take too long to close, POC's are stalling, not enough easy wins

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