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Lead Generation for B2B Tech Companies

Need more leads? Hitting your revenue targets? Everclear helps early-stage B2B tech companies drive qualified leads and increase pipeline opportunities with ongoing content,
e-mail & digital marketing campaigns to accelerate growth.


Generate More Qualified Leads

Build lead generation campaigns to consistently drive qualified leads for your sales team on a monthly basis.


Target your Ideal Customers

Many tech companies have trouble generating leads because they haven't clearly defined their ideal customers or target accounts. But without knowing "who" to target and "what" they care about, it's difficult to know "how" and "where" to reach them. Everclear helps B2B tech companies create an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, along with key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure the success of your lead generation campaigns.

Fill your Funnel

Many tech companies struggle to produce the volume of content needed to generate leads and convert prospects into customers. Unique industry insights and subject matter expertise remain buried under internal priorities. Everclear helps B2B tech companies surface these insights to create content for each stage of the buyer's journey. From awareness and consideration to intent and purchase, we help build demand for your software, hardware and services.


Measure your Results

Sales and marketing don't always agree on the definition of a "lead." But without clearly defining and agreeing on the criteria for Leads, MQLs, SQLs or Opportunities, it's difficult to build a scalable sales and marketing foundation for growth. Everclear helps B2B tech companies establish baseline marketing metrics, lead flow and campaign performance reports. This ensures transparency into campaign ROI to prioritize marketing investments over time.

Lead Generation Process

So How Does this Work?

Generate more qualified leads in 60-90 days to qualify and close more pipeline opportunities over the next 6 months.


Lead Generation Audit

Evaluate existing lead gen campaigns and ad accounts to identify performance gaps.


Lead Generation Strategy

Develop ABM strategy & KPI's based on target accounts and ideal customer profiles.


Content Marketing

Create blogs, eBooks, whitepapers and webinars to engage prospects.


E-mail Marketing

Send e-mail offers and automated lead nurture sequences to target accounts.


Digital Marketing

Create paid search, social and re-marketing ads to extend reach and drive traffic.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimize CTA's, forms and landing pages to increase campaign conversions.


Lead Flow Management

Manage lead lifecycle stages between marketing and sales in HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.


Campaign Reporting

Analyze and optimize campaign performance on a weekly/monthly basis.

Lead Generation Results

Who We've Worked With

Hear what B2B technology companies have to say about working with Everclear.


"If you want to win at selling a complex product or offering ... Everclear is one of the best in the industry. Worth every penny & returned more than we invested."


Vaughn Thurman
CEO, HighGear


Everclear enabled us to grow at a very rapid pace, building an engine of lead generation and ongoing momentum that enhanced the exit value of our acquisition.”


David Basil
CEO, RedCloud Security


“Everclear helped us execute digital marketing campaigns at an exceptionally high level with transparency that made it easier to optimize our ongoing marketing investments."


Michael Gundling
VP of Marketing, TerraGo

Lead Generation Metrics

Turning Campaigns into KPIs

What lead generation metrics have we achieved for our B2B technology clients?


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Conversions


Landing Page Conversion Rate


Increase in eBook Downloads


Increase in Demo Requests


Pipeline Opportunities in 4 Months

Lead Generation Engagement

B2B Lead Generation Agency

Generate Qualified Leads 
& Pipeline Opportunities in 60-
90 Days

Everclear has 20+ years of expertise helping B2B technology companies generate qualified leads and create more pipeline opportunities to help companies grow faster by selling more software, hardware and services.

Contact us today to address these common lead generation challenges:

  • You need to increase lead quantity & quality to hit revenue targets
  • You're wasting money on Google & LinkedIn ads without results
  • You don't have enough traffic, clicks or conversions to drive leads
  • You're not creating content on a regular basis to generate qualified leads
  • Sales isn't happy with the quality of leads handed off by marketing
  • There's disagreement about what constitutes a Lead, MQL, SQL, etc.

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