5 Tips for Preparing your Website for Investor Attention

As soon as the selection announcement is made about your company's inclusion in an upcoming demo day, startup pitch competition or venture capital conference, your website will be the first place potential investors, partners and future hires will look for details on your company, management team and products. Is your website ready for the attention?

1. Prepare (Your Homepage) for Landing

Too often, tech company web sites fail to articulate clearly what they do, let alone what makes them different or better than the competition. Your initial site visitors may spend as little as five seconds on your homepage before deciding whether or not to move on. Make sure the headline, text and graphics (or video) quickly explains why your company is one to watch.

2. Build a Compelling Case for your Company

Typically the most visited internal pages on a web site are the corporate overview, management and board bios, solutions and contact pages. Build a strong case for why your company is positioned for long-term growth by clearly defining the need for your product, properly describing its benefits and fully highlighting the domain expertise of your key executives.

3. Increase your Fans and Followers

For those visitors that do spend time on your website, give them a reason to come back for more. Make it easy to subscribe to your e-mail newsletter, product announcements or blog updates, as well as follow your updates on Twitter, become a connection on LinkedIn or like your company on Facebook or Instagram, so your milestone progress is always well known.

4. Track your Visitors (By Name)

If you’re not doing so already, add Google Analytics to your website to monitor the increase in traffic prior to the show, as well as the most popular pages, keywords and referring links. For deeper insight, sign up for a LeedFeeder trial to identify the specific companies who are spending time on your site and see if you’re attracting attention from investors, prospects or competitors.

5. Monitor your Company's Search Results

In this day and age, it’s important to realize that potential investors, partners and customers are researching you and your company online. To avoid any surprises, review the first few pages of search results for your name, as well as your company, products, keywords and management team to focus your ongoing content strategy and SEO efforts moving forward.

"The first paragraph of your home page should explain concisely what you do. The next paragraph should set you apart."
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Your website is your most visible marketing tool for generating investor excitement and industry momentum around your participation in the venture capital conference.

G. Scott Shaw

About G. Scott Shaw

G. Scott Shaw, President and Founder of Everclear Marketing, is a results-driven marketing executive with 20+ years of experience re-positioning venture-backed technology companies, developing breakthrough brand strategies and consistently executing high-growth sales and marketing programs for entrepreneurs, investors and their portfolio companies.