5 Ways to Attract Investor Attention on Demo Day

Your company profile is referenced by investors and attendees throughout the conference to determine whether they are interested in watching your presentation. A well written overview and executive summary helps put the odds in your favor.

1. Refine your Position

A positioning statement is not a tagline. It is the process of creating an image or identity in the market for your product, brand or organization. It is a focused, concise description of your customers, their problem and the solution your product offers them. The strategic purpose of positioning is to increase your relevance to a market segment by choosing where you can win.

2. Avoid Using Technical Jargon

Avoid using too many technical terms and industry jargon when describing your products and solutions. Use simple sentence constructions and relevant analogies to convey the benefits of your solution or overall reach of your technology. If it takes longer than 30 seconds for someone to understand what it is that you do, you haven’t learned how to explain it clearly enough.

3. Calculate Market Size

Your company’s recent successes are only part of the equation. Investors want to know the expected size of your market and why your company is strongly positioned to take advantage of that growth. This can be challenging if you are competing in a relatively new or rapidly changing market, but this uncertainty might be why such a large opportunity exists in the first place.

4. Acknowledge the Competition

Don’t just list the competition, explain how your approach to the market is unique and different. Too many technology companies sound exactly the same instead of articulating what makes them better. Whether it is your intellectual property, experienced management team or tight market focus, your goal is to highlight your competitive advantage and industry expertise.

5. Emphasize your Management Expertise

Highlight your management team’s background and domain expertise, along with any relevant titles, former roles and key accomplishments at recognized software companies, industry associations or competing providers. This information adds credibility to your management team and instills confidence among investors that you’re capable of executing your market strategy.

"Assess what positions exist in the market and then determine which of those you have the best chance of occupying and defending."

By persuasively positioning your company as a potential market leader you are building a compelling case for why your company should be a VC’s next investment.

G. Scott Shaw

About G. Scott Shaw

G. Scott Shaw, President and Founder of Everclear Marketing, is a results-driven marketing executive with 20+ years of experience re-positioning venture-backed technology companies, developing breakthrough brand strategies and consistently executing high-growth sales and marketing programs for entrepreneurs, investors and their portfolio companies.